We are happy to help you subscribe your parish to our platform.  Please follow these instructions:

1. Go to formed.org, select Sign Up Group as shown below:



2. Select Annual or Monthly and Add To Cart:


3. Click on Cart to Checkout:


4. Click on Checkout:

5. Create An Account:


6. Create Your Account (please pay attention to the password requirements):



7. Fill out Billing Information:


8. Fill Out Payment Method Information:

a. Enter Coupon and Apply if applicable

b. Enter Tax Exempt ID and Apply if applicable



9. Select Organization Information from the Drop Down and Place Order:


10. View Your Order Details AND Activate your subscription:


11. Activate Your Organization:

a. Enter in the Parish Pastor or Leader

b. Add Photo

c. Give Brief Organization Mission Statement (170 characters or less)

d. Organization website, such as augustineinstitute.org

e. Custom URL will populate based on website but you can customize it to fit your needs (when shaded green, it is good – when shaded red, select a new one)




12. Confirm you custom URL:



13. Go through Your Leader Checklist - Schedule Orientation Call to help you get started!



14. Review Your Parish Subscription Information:


15. Select “View Subscription Details” for receipts: