Please Note: This method is ONLY for renewals, NEW group Pay by Checks should go here.  The preferred payment method for FORMED annual subscriptions is a credit card. If it is necessary the customer pay by paper check, please follow the process below. Only Annual Subscriptions may be paid by paper check. Monthly subscriptions must be paid utilizing a credit card.

1.The customer must fill out the FORMED Annual Subscription Invoice Request Form by CLICKING HERE  (USD only). The form is used for both brand-new customers and renewal subscription customers who intend to pay with a paper check. Renewal customers will be sent a FORMED subscription ‘Renewal Notice’ approximately 45 days in advance of the subscription renewal date to the account’s parish administrator of record.

a. If the account is participating in an active Diocesan Partnership, or has another type of unique Coupon Code reducing the regular subscription fee, please be sure the code is entered within the appropriate field on the form.

2. Once submitted, a FORMED ParishCare representative will respond within 2 business days with an invoice for the correct billable amount for the next year’s subscription fee. The customer will be requested to provide tax exempt ID form if none is listed in NetSuite or the Vindicia Billing System.

3. Upon receipt of the subscription fee invoice, the customer may send their paper check to the following mailing address:

Augustine Institute

Attn: Accounting

6160 S Syracuse Way, Suite 310

Greenwood Village, CO 80111

4. Upon receipt at the Augustine Institute, the check will be added to the FORMED check register, but not immediately deposited.

a. New accounts – The accounts will be set-up according to the detail provided on the FORMED Annual Subscription Invoice Request Form, the check deposited and the account activated for usage, typically within three business days.

1. A welcome email will be sent to the email address of the parish administrator as notification of the account activation and will provide initial login credentials for account access.

2. The parish administrator may view the newly established 6 digit unique Parish Access Code by accessing the account ‘Profile’ detail from the initials in the upper right hand corner of the Home page upon login.

b. Renewal accountsThe check will be posted to the check register as received at the Augustine Institute, but cannot be applied prior to the subscription renewal dateSystem constraints prevent the advance deposit and processing of subscription payments before the existing account’s actual renewal date.