Please Note: This method is ONLY for ANNUAL Group subscriptions that have been migrated to our new system. 

Monthly subscriptions must be paid utilizing a credit card.

1.  Login to 

2.  Select Account

3.  Select On-Demand subscription

4.  Select Payment Method of Pay by Check

5.  Add Billing Address

6.  Select Update On-Demand Subscription - VERY IMPORTANT STEP

7.  Enter coupon if applicable

8.  Add Coupon

9.  Verify Coupon

*Please NOTE that the Billing Amount will not show a change in pricing once coupon is entered - we are working to correct this behavior.*

10. You are now set to renew

The check will be posted to the check register as received at the Augustine Institute, but cannot be applied prior to the subscription renewal dateSystem constraints prevent the advance deposit and processing of subscription payments before the existing account’s actual renewal date.