There has been an update made to the ‘Direct Deposit’ payment options in FORMED.

The ‘Direct Deposit’ option allows a parish or individual to input checking account info into FORMED to be used for payment. This feature will now be hidden from use in the system.

We are making the system update because our billing payment processor has changed the system handling of direct deposit payments to a method we feel is less secure.  Therefore, we are no longer able to provide ‘Direct Deposit’ as a customer option to access from the user profile in the ‘Edit Payment Information’ link.  This will insure our customers’ bank account information is not exposed to unnecessary risk. 

Parishes and Individuals currently using ‘Direct Deposit’ as a method of payment may continue to do so without any need to change. ParishCare and the FORMED system will no longer accept updates for any ‘Direct Deposit’ banking account information. If a customer requires a ‘Direct Deposit’ update to banking information, they must alter their form of payment to ‘Pay by Check’ or update their payment method to a recurring credit card. 

If a parish or individual wishes to change their form of payment to a credit card, they may make the update, without ParishCare assistance, within their profile in the Payment Information section via the ‘Edit Payment Information’ link.

If a parish wishes to change their form of payment to ‘Pay by Check’, please call ParishCare at 1-844-367-6331. The ParishCare agent will assist you with making the payment method change.