Q. Where do I access the FORMED app for download to my iOS device?  

A. You can download the FORMED  iOS app in the iOS App store by searching “formed” or you can follow the link we have provided here. 

Q. Where do I access the FORMED app for download to my Android device?

A. You can download the FORMED Android app in the Google Play Store by searching "formed", alternatively, you can follow this link.

Q. What iOS devices are supported?  

A. Any iOS device running iOS 10 or later. 

Q. Does the app work on an iPad?  

A. Yes, the FORMED iOS app can be downloaded and accessed on your iPad.  

Q. Is there a FORMED app for Android devices?  

A. Yes, the FORMED Android app launched on 12/10/2017 and is supported on any android device operating on version 5.0 or above. You may search for "formed" in the Google Play store to located the FORMED android app. 


Q. What does the app cost?  

A. The FORMED app is completely free for any FORMED subscriber or registered user. 

Q. Is there a separate subscription cost for using the FORMED app?   

A. No, there is no cost for using the FORMED app. The app will work with any existing FORMED subscription whether individual or parish based.  The app will allow access to any FORMED content that is available on the web but it will not support every function that is supported on the web. The app will not display parish custom content, it will not support any Dashboard features for parish administrators, and it will not display ratings and comments.  There will likely always be some features that are not fully compatible, however, access to streaming content is fully supported. There will be an extra feature that the native app will provide for offline viewing of selective FORMED content; this will only be available for users that have purchased a separate credit subscription.  This offline viewing feature therefore is an option and will be available for individual users that have selected this option. 

Q. May I purchase a subscription to FORMED via the FORMED app? 

A. No, all registrations and purchases will continue to be made via a web browser. Eventually, this will be migrated to our new ECommerce storefront in late 2017 or early 2018. For the time being, all purchases are made through formed.org. 

Q. How do I register?  

A. To register for FORMED you will need to use a web browser and go to our online site at formed.org. Once you register, you may login to the mobile app and view content through the app.  

Q. Do I need to login every time?  

A. No, after your initial login on the app you should not have to login again unless we deploy a major software update.  

Q. Do recently played items allow you to move between mobile and desktop?  

A. Yes, recently played items work across both the web and mobile app environments so you can always keep your place no matter where you are viewing content. 

Q. Can I share items from the mobile app?  

A. Yes, and not only can you share via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and email but you can also share via text messages! 

Q. Can I airplay from the app?  

A. Yes, both video and audio airplay as expected. 

Q. Can I listen to audio in the background?   

A. Yes, you may lock your iPhone or use another app while playing Audio content in the background. However, there is a known limitation with the player not responding to pause or resume controls from a headset, we are currently working to resolve this. 

Q. Can I do offline playback?  

A. Yes, offline play back is an available feature to those users who have individually subscribed to a FORMED credit subscription. Those who choose this credit subscription have the ability to download OnDemand audio & video content and save it to the "Library" section of the app. This will allow you to watch or listen while offline from the Internet (to save data usage on a cellular plan, or for situations where the internet is limited or unavailable such as on an airplane, in the backcountry, or in a church basement). 

Q. Can I download eBooks?

A. Yes, you can download eBooks through the FORMED app. Both ePub and Kindle books can be downloaded and opened in their respective applications. 

Q. Can I download PDF workbooks?  

A. Yes, you can download PDF workbooks and you may even open them in separate PDF reader apps like GoodReader that allow highlighting, adding text, cut and paste and even saving to Dropbox for access across all devices. 

Q. Can I share the app with other users?  

A. Yes, but keep in mind that if everyone is using the same login, the recently played content will include various user’s recent content viewings and will not stay specific to what you personally have been viewing.  

Q. What happens if I lose my network connection? 

A. Occasionally, you may experience an error when network connections are lost.  The app will display a message dialog that will give you an opportunity to try to reload the page. You will be given three opportunities to reload the page, if reloading the page does not resolve the issue, you will be asked if you wish to restart the app which typically resolves the issue.