If you can access other content but not Catholicism or the FORMED study guides, there are two issues which are affecting access to your selection. 

Catholicism series - Periodically, our content providers decide to add and remove programs from the FORMED lineup. Effective July 27, 2017, the Catholicism series is no longer available to new FORMED parish subscriptions. Existing Parish subscriptions activated/renewed prior to July 27, 2017 will retain access to view the Catholicism series until the end of their current billing cycle, either annual or monthly, after which, the program will no longer be available.  

*Additionally, the study guides for the Catholicism series are not available on FORMED for those parish subscirptions which still retain access until the end of their current billing cycle. They can be purchased from the creators of this series, Word on Fire.

Study guides - Our individual subscription includes programs, movies, and audios, as well as downloadable books. Unfortunately, study guides are excluded from the individual subscription and reserved only for Parish users.