As a new FORMED user you first subscribe as an individual or register as a parishioner in order to access the content on 

If you want to learn more about subscribing to FORMED or registering as a parishioner, please watch one of our quick video tutorials:

Register parishioner from Formed on Vimeo.

FORMED Individual Subscription from Formed on Vimeo.

If you are unable to register as an individual subscriber, it is likely due to one of these reasons: 

  1. Your registration form has missing or invalid information
  2. Your email is already registered with

1) Your registration form has missing or invalid information

If your registration form is not complete or has information entered incorrectly you will see a prompt to fix that information. Either the field will be red or you will see a warning within the registration form indicating the issue. 


Most frequently this occurs when the entered password is not long enough. Please verify that your password is at least six characters in length. 

2) Your email is already registered with


You will receive the below warning if the email entered has already been used to register a FORMED account. Please use the LOGIN button located in the top right corner to enter the website. If you do not know the password to this user account please use the "Forgot your password?" feature to reset your password.


If you have previously registered for FORMED under your parish's subscription but now need to switch over to an individual, $9.99 a month, subscription please submit a new help request to the ParishCare team.