Some of our programs and movies have an option for Closed Captioning. Please see below for our list of the programs and movies that offer this feature. To turn Off or On Closed Captioning follow the instructions below:

  • Choose a program and click "CC" located on the far right side of the video player


  • You can choose whether to have "CC" Off or On

  • If you wish to use the closed captions  you may be able to choose between English and español depending on the program. To see if that choice is available click "Caption Options"
  • When you select your language option it will appear in blue, then close the screen by clicking the "X" in the top right and play the program!


The following Programs offer Closed Captioning in English:

  • Symbolon - Knowing the Faith
  • Symbolon - Living the Faith
  • The Bible and the Virgin Mary: Journey Through Scripture

The following Programs offer Closed Captioning in Spanish:

  • La Biblia y la Virgen María
  • Symbolon: Conociendo la fe
  • Symbolon: Viviendo la fe
  • Invitado al Amor Valiente

The following Movies have English subtitles, but are spoke in various other languages:

  • Bakhita
  • Pope John Paul I
  • Saint Barbara
  • Padre Pio
  • Life for Life
  • Saint Philip Neri
  • St Guiseppe Moscati
  • Paul VI
  • Popieluszko
  • God's Mighty Servant